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Unlike our traditional competition where we accept your genetics, our GrowMaster Category puts everyone on the same field by giving all contestants clones from the same strain.

This will be a true test to see who can grow the best flower from one strain. This is a separate competition and finished entries from your clone will be entered in July-Sept and judged along with our other categories.

(Humboldt Seed Co.)


Step 1


Purchase your entry & collect your clone starting April 1st, 2023

Step 2


Grow your plant using the best of your abilities in either the Indoor or GreenHouse GrowMaster Categories. 

Step 3


Submit your samples for testing & judging before the Sept 15th Deadline. Call 816-328-9624 to schedule pickup/drop off.

2023 Missouri Growers Cup Rules

The Missouri Growers Cup is committed to screening entries for Pesticides or Residual Solvents to ensure our judges safety.  

For entry testing we use a Certified Cannabis Testing lab to screen for Pesticides and Residual Solvents. Entries that do not pass will not be Judged or included in the competition. 

Official Judges don’t see the THC/CBD data when judging, testing included with entry fee is Pesticide screening only, 

Official Judging is BLIND and Judges only see entry # & category. They DO NOT see Strain or Farm name. Entries are given 1-5 Score for TASTE, LOOK, SMELL & HIGH. Judges have entries for two weeks before the event to score samples.

Each Entry must be tested by our labs and received by our Entry Deadlines to ensure Judging and entry to competition. 

The Entry Lab Screening is included in each Entry Fee of $250 and will include documentation showing your test results. 

You can enter multiple samples in any category as well as enter multiple competitions. Each entry will require the Entry Fee and be lab tested separately. We recommend you sign up & submit your entry AS SOON as possible as this helps the Lab, The Cup and You!

For contest & submission questions Call 816-328-9624 or email us at: